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County prevails in lawsuit from former sheriff candidate

Jay Wallace won’t be getting his badge back. A federal court judge has ruled against the former deputy sheriff and said Island County was justified in firing Wallace after he shirked his duty in responding to 911 calls in Freeland where a woman was being held hostage and assaulted in early 2006.

Missing ferry traveler is identified as Seattle man

A 58-year-old Seattle man with family in Oak Harbor has been tentatively identified as the person who jumped off the ferry M/V Cathlamet as the ship was approaching Whidbey Island on Dec. 11.

City pulls plug on contract for Langley Community Garden

The city of Langley is getting out of the garden business. Langley officials have been told by the Washington State Auditor’s Office that the city needs to stop acting as the banker for the Langley Community Garden, the grassroots P-patch that sprouted in spring 2010 on the Anderson farm.

Langley council to consider new contract with Langley chamber

The Langley City Council will get its first look at a fresh contract with the Langley Chamber of Commerce next week.

Aging population presents a challenging future for Senior Services

USELESS BAY — It’s good news mixed with bad news. We’re all getting older together.

Trial pushed back for former beauty queen accused of first-degree murder

COUPEVILLE — The first-degree murder trial for Peggy Sue Thomas has been pushed back almost 100 days.

Search for new Langley city attorney to take months

Langley expects to launch a competitive search for a city attorney later this month, but inking a final deal may take more than two months, according to city officials.

Investigation continues on man-overboard incident on ferry Cathlamet | UPDATE

Two days after a man jumped from the stern of the ferry M/V Cathlamet during the 10 p.m. sailing Sunday, investigators are still trying to sort out who the man was and why he apparently leapt to his death in the frigid waters of Puget Sound.

Man who went overboard from Cathlamet left bag behind | UPDATE

The man who jumped off the ferry M/V Cathlamet had walked aboard the vessel in Mukilteo, a Washington State Ferries spokeswoman said Monday.

Search continues for missing ferry passenger | UPDATE

The search is continuing in the waters off Clinton for a missing passenger from the ferry M/V Cathlamet, Coast Guard officials said early Monday.

Langley gets grant for street work

The city of Langley will receive a $99,068 grant from the state Transportation Improvement Board for paving work on Anthes and Cascade avenues.

Blood tests show teen driver had been drinking before fatal wreck

A toxicology report shows Kaylea F. Souza was driving impaired when she crashed her 2003 Chevrolet Malibu and killed three passengers last month, an attorney in the Island County Prosecutor’s Office said Thursday.

Langley balks on new contract for city attorney

City officials have decided to look further afield for potential legal advice in light of new revelations over the work performance of City Attorney Grant Weed.

Sundberg becomes Langley’s newest councilman

The changing of the guard continues at Langley City Hall. Jim Sundberg took the oath of office Monday to become the city's newest councilman.

Langley misses deadline on mayor’s pay | UPDATE

Langley Mayor-Elect Larry Kwarsick said the city council’s recent attempt to lower his salary to $30,000 — a move that Kwarsick himself suggested — had come too late.

Langley misses deadline, increase in new mayor’s pay comes too late

Timing is everything. And in this case, it's bad. Langley Mayor-Elect Larry Kwarsick said the city council's recent attempt to lower his salary to $30,000 — a move that Kwarsick himself suggested — has come too late.

Former Langley council hopeful criticizes lawyer contract

Robin Adams, a former candidate for the Langley City Council and the leader of the Langley Critical Area Alliance, has asked the city council to look elsewhere for a new attorney in light of new revelations on the performance of City Attorney Grant Weed.

Langley to consider keeping Weed as city attorney

The law firm that was roundly criticized inside and outside Langley City Hall for its clumsy handling of the mayor’s salary controversy is being offered a new contract by the city.

Next Langley mayor gets his wish for smaller paycheck

You call that a compromise? The Langley City Council has agreed to a cut in the salary for the city’s mayor, but some on the council said they were having trouble with the description of the deal when they gave their initial approval to the 2012 compensation package last week.

Homola now registered as a candidate for re-election

Island County Commissioner Angie Homola is now an official candidate in the 2012 Election.