Dan Pedersen

Couple’s newest book a visual feast of Whidbey’s birds

Clamped sideways in the bird’s beak, the juicy fly struggles helplessly as its captor, a tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglet, pauses on a low-hanging twig at South Whidbey’s Possession Beach Park.


SOUND WATERS: Whidbey biologist to share secrets of landscaping for wildlife

Like many on Whidbey Island, wildlife biologist Russell Link admits that getting along with wildlife is a balancing act.


‘A Sea Change’ hits close to home on Whidbey Island

Drifting with the breeze in a boat off Mutiny Bay, Jill Hein waits with her camera at the ready.


Go deep at Sound U

Nearly 90 feet down off south Whidbey Island, diver Jon Gross meets the welcoming committee and it is not happy.“The male lingcod is guarding a… Continue reading

One of 60 classes at Feb. 7 Sound Waters event in Coupeville

When Nicole Luce shares her ideas about simple and sustainable island living, it’s with a spirit of adventure. She’s on a journey and she’s still learning.

‘Birds of Whidbey’ art show will benefit Whidbey Camano Land Trust

For watercolorist Craig Johnson of Freeland, the great horned owl on his easel is not just any owl. It is Teddy. Great horned owls maintain territories where they hunt rats, mice, voles and other small game. Johnson and his wife, Joy, named this one Teddy and came to recognize their old friend on frequent wildlife outings to Fort Casey.

Meehan retiring after 26 years at helm of Island County-WSU Extension

Don Meehan will retire on Aug. 31 and turn over his Washington State University (WSU) Extension office to new leadership for the first time in 26 years.

Lighthouse seeks community match for ‘eye’ gleam

Bring together two guys from Florida, a woman from San Diego, a borrowed car, somebody’s guest room, a pile of Frequent Flyer miles and about $14,000 cash.