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Whidbey Island Fair will go on two more years; property ownership still at issue

The Board of Island County Commissioners agreed informally Tuesday that the Whidbey Island Fair will be held for the next two years, despite the unsettled and contentious issue of who will own and run the fairgrounds.

Fairgrounds transfer gets unofficial nod from Island County Commissioners

The Board of Island County Commissioners yesterday unofficially approved ending the county’s 54-year ownership of the historic Langley fairgrounds and transferring ownership to the Port of South Whidbey, pending a public vote on the matter.

State allots more retail pot shops to Island County

Oak Harbor can become home to a second state-licensed marijuana retailer, and the rest of Island County can host an additional two stores, under measures proposed this week by staffers at the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board. The measure, which a spokesperson predicted will be approved Jan. 6 by that agency’s three board members, is meant to ensure medical patients have enough access to products they need.

South Whidbey port pushes Island County to accept fairgrounds vote | Corrected

The Port of South Whidbey, which since April 1, 2015 has managed the historic Island County Fairgrounds under a one-year, no-cost lease from the county, on Feb. 24 threatened to refuse to sign a new lease on April 1 if the county doesn’t agree to accept the results of a proposed August referendum by the Port.

Island County adopts Shoreline Management Act

After five years of work, Island County has a new plan governing development and permitted activities along its 207 linear miles of seashore and lakefront.

Study leads to salary hikes for Island County workers

Forty county positions will get substantial salary boosts next year, with one increasing by 19 pay grades.

Battle for Wonn Road may end with settlement

An eight-year-old squabble over a wall built to block a popular beach access in Greenbank may come to an end with a settlement. The Island County Commissioners are poised to discuss a controversial settlement offer from the Montgomerys at their regular work session. The meeting begins at 9 a.m., and the settlement will be discussed around 10:45 in the Commissioners Hearing Room in Coupeville.

WRAC gives clean water utility the all clear

Island County’s Clean Water Utility, a program charged with addressing concerns over water quantity and quality, last year complied with the law creating it and underspent its budget, said a watchdog group’s report set for release today.

Island County looks for planning help to meet comprenehsive plan deadline

Seeking to strengthen a planning department that has endured much turnover, Island County is seeking a consultant, assistant director of planning and a long-range planner.

Montgomerys pitch new Wonn Road deal

A part-time Greenbank couple sued by Island County for blocking a Coupeville public beach access has sweetened its settlement offer.

Fragile market: Financial return on recyclables at its worst

Like many Whidbey Island residents, you probably support recycling, but have you ever wondered what becomes of, say, that fabulous bottle of wine you enjoyed after it’s dropped into your curbside recycling container?

Tattoo artist plans for permanence in Greenbank

That little red building off the highway in Greenbank has a new tenant and, unlike some recent renters who seemed to last there only a matter of days, this one says he’s here to stay.

Decision to force Island County planner out may have run afoul of state sunshine laws

The Board of Island County Commissioners may have violated the state’s Open Public Meetings Act in ousting planning director Dave Wechner and splitting the Planning Department’s leadership, experts said this week.

Comprehensive plan will be late, Island County board says

Island County’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan, the object of intense effort for at least three years, will be late, the board of commissioners acknowledged for the first time on Thursday.

Island County joins solo transportation planning group

State, county, municipal and other entities on Wednesday officially formed the Island Transportation Planning Organization, a group intended to ensure that Island County allocates federal transportation funds most effectively county-wide. The group chose Island County Commissioner Helen Price Johnson as its chair and Langley Mayor Tim Callison as its vice-chair.

Weed on Whidbey: A comprehensive review

Rhetoric about recreational marijuana flew fast and loose on May 5, 2014, a lively day in the basement of 1 NE 6th Street in Coupeville.

Linds sells Coupeville pharmacy to Rite-Aid; chain promptly closes branch

Linds Pharmacy in Coupeville will close at the end of the business day next Wednesday, according to a flyer being distributed to customers earlier this week.

Island County looks to permanently trim hairy willow herb

It looks so pretty — showy purple-pink flowers, long slender seed pods, soft hairs all over. But it’s the most invasive weed Whidbey Island’s wetlands have ever faced.

Island County Public Health to release health improvement plan

After months of study, four main areas of concern — access to health care, housing, depression and suicide, and interpersonal abuse — have emerged as the foci for an emerging community health improvement plan, Island County’s public health department told the Council of Governments on Wednesday.

WEED ON WHIDBEY: Part 2-Where the green gets grown

Rockie Eggebrecht is a hard-working farmer, but not the kind who wears overalls, labors in the soil and grows broccoli. He wears street clothes, works indoors and plants exclusively in pea gravel.