Frances Wood

Let’s not lose count of the things we cherish | WHIDBEY BIRDING

I recently enjoyed a dazzling day of birding at Deer Lagoon and Crockett Lake. Shorebirds danced on the tide flats, ducks and wild fowl floated on the lake and bay while sparrows skulked in the shrubs. A few late-migrating Violet-green, Barn and Tree Swallows swooped overhead.

It’s hard to doubt this expert witness | WHIDBEY BIRDING

The (golden) eagle has landed! Yep, I’m not kidding. For a few stalwart birders who have braved our cold, rainy spring, the reward has been the sighting of a Golden Eagle right here on South Whidbey.

Visit to preserve leaves me wanting to protect our nest | WHIDBEY BIRDING

I recently returned from a short trip to Arizona, and found my suet feeders empty. My feathered friends evidently took notice as I put out new suet cakes, for as soon as I returned inside to my desk, they swarmed toward the fatty buffet.

Anna’s Hummingbirds are our year-round residents | WHIDBEY BIRDING

During our recent snowstorm, someone sent me a photo of an iridescent green-and-red hummingbird sitting forlornly at a frozen hummingbird feeder.

Nest building begins, but head to Brackenwood for a closer look | WHIDBEY BIRDING

May is the month when the miracles of avian life are most abundantly on display. One way to step outside of our worries and strivings… Continue reading

ISLAND BIRDING: Making local food decisions isn’t for the birds

After many conversations about making food-buying decisions to benefit birds and the natural environment, my husband Bill and I decided we needed to get serious and put our money where our mouths were.