Frances Wood

WHIDBEY BIRDING | Tropical visitor was a tantalizing treat to our eyes

On a recent warm afternoon while my husband and I were relaxing on our back patio, a flash of red and yellow flickered through the… Continue reading

WHIDBEY BIRDING | Sing a song for sixpence? No, birds would rather chirp about real estate

Have you listened to the birds singing? Within the past month, our songbirds have unleashed their breeding songs with gusto.Here’s a list of the species… Continue reading

WHIDBEY BIRDING | There are plenty of ways to help birds during the cold winter months

First let me humbly admit that I missed all the December storms. My husband and I escaped to Mexico minutes before the snowflakes began to… Continue reading

ISLAND BIRDING | Field guides can help develop a love of nature in children

“Give a kid a field guide.”I heard these words recently at an Audubon Society lecture and have taken them to heart for my holiday shopping.… Continue reading

ISLAND BIRDING | Islanders should speak up now to protect important bird habitat areas

Yesterday I watched a cloud of several thousand shorebirds swirl and dance in the morning sunshine above Deer Lagoon.At one point, while standing on the… Continue reading

ISLAND BIRDING | Wayward bird certainly picked a terrible spot to roost

Last Sunday morning while enjoying a leisurely breakfast, my husband, daughter and I heard a woodpecker-like tapping.

ISLAND BIRDING: Making local food decisions isn’t for the birds

After many conversations about making food-buying decisions to benefit birds and the natural environment, my husband Bill and I decided we needed to get serious and put our money where our mouths were.