Jim Freeman

ALL ABOARD: What this country needs is a pickle sandwich break

After watching last week’s debate between two of the six candidates for commander in chief on my low-definition, no-intensity analog antenna-driven 12-inch Sony TV, I… Continue reading


ALL ABOARD: Great people, good times and lots of good cheer

Last week’s Republican Telethon reminded me what I miss most about today’s politicians: the three-named luminaries. Names like John Quincy Adams, William Howard Taft and Robin of Lochsley. My favorite three-pronged political name almost sounds like an imported beer: John Foster Dulles.


ALL ABOARD | Old Yeller: No, not the movie, just little old me

No matter what day you read this, if my today is any indication, tomorrow will be a lot better.I yelled at people today.I usually only… Continue reading


ALL ABOARD | March Madness: In like a lion, out with a poem

This could be my first column written while tired.Tired of dribbling.Tired of the sound of squeaking tennis shoes.Tired of bubbly cheerleaders, angry coaches and basketball… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: Overdone, underdone, redone, but never outdone

Now that the weather is nicer, many of us are trying to get more things done.

ALL ABOARD | Quagmire: Out of red ink with the Hallmark hotline busy

Have you noticed that the new Christmas cards are already being displayed in stores?Or are they last year’s old ones?Here we are, six weeks away… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: This might be a little too much information for you

In my effort to keep my forefingers on the pulse of our back yards, I took a road trip yesterday to process that information to which

ALL ABOARD | The grand total of the numbers in this column is 19,732.7

One of the joys of the New Year is getting my new calendar ready.First, I transfer all the birthdays.That makes certain that if I was… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: The latest from Indiana: Bed, bath and beyond

Despite my good intentions to share some significant historical observations from last week’s tour of the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Ind., I must hold the press on this to discuss the recent reminders experienced first hand of sharing a bathroom with three women.

ALL ABOARD | Coping with the recession without depression

Lately, life seems to be series of forced adjustments.Several of us have portfolios that have burst starboard.Many of us have savings accounts that have turned… Continue reading

Actually, you really can tell a book by its cover | ALL ABOARD

The older I get, the more I seem to be enjoying stillness. Stillness was not part of our upbringing.

ALL ABOARD | Smoking elephants, warmed-over lawyers and 9-irons

Now that it seems dark by 4:30 every afternoon, causing me to feel like bedding down before 7 p.m., I have really been enjoying my… Continue reading

In pursuit of justice: My judicious search for lunch | ALL ABOARD

Ever have an opportunity to serve as a juror?“Jury service” had new meaning for me recently as our 40-plus person Superior Court jurors’ pool emptied… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: Deep fried, pan fried and sun dried in the Heartland

Greetings from our Hoosier home front.

ALL ABOARD | A porch! A porch! My kingdom for a porch!

Last week’s dog and house sitting for friends way up there in Greenbank reminded me that a porch is a much better place for reflecting… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Skitching through life and other childhood fables

As the joys of Thanksgiving baste our turkeys, hams and prime rib during the next few days, let me offer each of you a most… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Bad News Bear: My life as a juiced up fourth-grader

Now that A-Rod has admitted to the use of steroids to become A-Bod, I feel the need to come clean with you readers and nonreaders… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: A mid-week summary of weekend observations

One of the many joys of living on Whidbey is being able to work on Whidbey.

My Momma done told me, when I was in knee pants | ALL ABOARD

As usual, last Sunday’s Mother’s Day was filled with joyful reminiscence.Ever since our Mom died unexpectedly, 41 years ago today, Mother’s Day has been a… Continue reading

What would Dr. Freud would think of Dr. Amen? | ALL ABOARD

The other day I received an e-mail from a friend of mine suggesting that I take a free online test which would help determine the… Continue reading