Jim Freeman

ALL ABOARD: Preventing periodical procrastination lessens stress

Last night after dinner I finally got around to reading one of the many magazines, newsletters and journals that I receive, but rarely read, each… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | The shape of things to come is here, there and everywhere

As the soon to be 44th President of the United States stated in his acceptance speech last summer in Denver, birthplace of my birth, “At… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Ancient Mariners and other amazing stories of old

Now that the Mariners are in Spring Training, we can all look forward to the Puget Sound’s Hall of Fame voice Dave Niehaus and the… Continue reading

Trouble in Paradise or just another day therein? | ALL ABOARD

A couple of weeks ago during morning coffee with the boys, I noticed after a few lukewarm sips that I was the only one at… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: It’s 3 a.m., I make the phone call and who answers?

Last Saturday night, upon returning from a day of fun in the Coupeville sun, I realized again how difficult it is to wind down when one is wound up.

ALL ABOARD | A gravy ladle full of thanks for family and friends

Last night I was reading some poetry shared with me by a friend. One bit of prose that caught my eye was written by John… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: A modern art form – driving in reverse

While backing my sometime-later-to-be-paid-for truck up a hill today, I realized once again how much I enjoy backing up. Not just remembering, mind you, or mind me, but the sheer joy of doing a good job backing up your vehicle, be it your car, your truck, your rig, your boat, your trailer or your riding mower.

ALL ABOARD | Long may we wave with one hand at a time

Ever notice how much waving goes on around here?Are you one of those drivers that likes to wave at folks you know who are driving… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: The not-so-nice thrice price of rice?

Before we get started, although it certainly seems as if we have, let me thank you who have had the bold courtesy to say that you were glad I am back writing weekly non-necessities for the non-masses.

Tiger Rag: More information you probably cannot use | ALL ABOARD

Given that 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, celebrated by the Chinese and others around the world, it only seems natural to honor the Tiger, symbol of boldness and brevity, as we share Five Important Things I Learned in 2010.

If the Fanny Bank went broke, would it get a bailout? | ALL ABOARD

During our recent heat wave of octogenarian temperatures, I was reminded of one of the simpler pleasantries — shopping by catalog.In our childhood years during… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: Cinnamon rolls, blue hair and the joys of backstage

I am writing this column by hand while sitting backstage at the Samsung Sound Lounge at Bumbershoot, Seattle’s premiere music and arts festival, now in its 38th year. That’s more than half my lifetime.

ALL ABOARD | Roxy Etherton: Ben Franklin would be proud!

So how was your Super Bowl weekend?Did your team win?Lose?Do you have a team?We saw a great team in action this past weekend in Greenbank.Last… Continue reading

A heartfelt homage to Hearts & Hammers | ALL ABOARD

Once a year, on the first Saturday of May, an extreme goodness fills the air, an extreme goodness that began 19 years ago when 90 Hearts and Hammers volunteers broke bread, backs and brawn to repair 17 South Whidbey homes.

ALL ABOARD: Is there life after Obama vs. McCain? You bet there is!

To this retired political science major, it is somewhat strange to be writing this column before yesterday’s election, knowing that this may be read by… Continue reading

Ah, Spring: recalling friends, fighters and forsythia | ALL ABOARD

Last Thursday, at high noon at the Freeland Café, I had the pleasure of sharing a great brunch, a little time and a lot of… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Phobia, oh phobia, where art thou oh phobia?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a tad down lately.Since our folks have been gone, the holidays don’t seem the same.Now that our… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | A standing ovation for Whidbey Island: Double wow!

To say that living here is heartwarming, even in the winter, would be an understatement.So, without overdoing it, let me rephrase my understatement.Whidbey Island wows!Last… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD: If we worry, will the future change?

As of the last three weeks, there is a young buck living in my yard.

ALL ABOARD: The James brothers revisited: A bank full of laughs

Excuse me if it seems like I am shaking, but I am.I’m not nervous. Just excited.After waiting over 30 years, I finally did it.I finally… Continue reading