Jim Larsen

Car hits pine tree on Highway 525

A possible case of brake failure caused Linda Heintz to crash her car into a tree Friday morning.

Tokitae on track in Freeland

The tug pilots expected the Tokitae would be loaded late Friday afternoon and, if all went well, they would hold the barge overnight in Holmes Harbor, probably leaving with Saturday afternoon’s high tide. The Tokitae, named after a killer whale captured in Penn Cove in the 1970s and still alive in a Miami aquarium, is the first of four planned 144-car ferries. Two are funded and Nichols Brothers will start work on the second, named the Samish, as the Tokitae makes its journey to Seattle.

Mystic Sea whale watcher arrives Friday in Langley

Friday afternoon, the 100-foot long M/V Mystic Sea will carefully moor at Langley Marina for a two-month stay that should bring plenty of new tourists to Langley anxious to take the boat out to view gray whales.

Tokitae nearly ready for barge

The huge superstructure of the Tokitae, Washington State Ferries’ newest boat, will leave Nichols Brothers Boat Builders later this week. It was designed to carry 144 vehicles.

Muddy footprint adds to mystery in cow death on South Whidbey

The mystery of the dead cow with the skin removed from half its face deepened this week with the discovery of a strange looking footprint.

Giving away air isn’t easy for South Whidbey port

Giving away air can be a complicated process, as the Port of South Whidbey is learning.

Cow’s death remains a South Whidbey mystery this weekend

There’s a whodunit on South Whidbey and it has nothing to do with Langley’s Mystery Weekend.

Weather delays move of ferry superstructure from Whidbey to Seattle

High winds and heavy seas do not make for good boat launching conditions, so the new Washington State ferry partially built by Nichols Brothers Boat Builders will spend a little longer in Freeland than planned.

FEMA money available, fate of Island County Sheriff’s boat murky

A $1 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency finally came through for the Port of South Whidbey, but a mystery remains how it will all be spent.

Council plans to avoid mayoral tie in Langley selection

To avoid what is considered the catastrophic possibility of the county commissioners selecting Langley’s next mayor, the City Council met in a special session Wednesday to iron out the process of interviewing mayoral candidates 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Holmes Harbor golf course purchase set

Property owners in the Holmes Harbor Sewer District will in all likelihood become the proud owners of a golf course soon, with documents expected to be signed Feb. 14.

Mayoral candidates for Langley fixed at 5

Five people have applied for the vacant Langley mayor position and the procedure to appoint one has been changed to treat applicants from the city council more like the others.

Fire boat looks like done deal in port grant

South Whidbey Fire/EMS will get a new fire boat worth approximately $500,000 thanks to a federal grant confirmed this week by U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen.

Four seek Langley mayor appointment

The next mayor of Langley will be chosen from among at least four candidates, two of whom presently sit on the five-member City Council.

Wettest winter since 1988 reported on Possession Point

South Whidbey’s high bluffs are saturated with water due to the extremely wet year we just experienced.

SLIDESHOW | Landslide knocks out Possession Point homes

A sizable landslide at Possession Point Wednesday afternoon destroyed one summer home and damaged another.

Slide wipes out Possession Point home | UPDATE

A sizable landslide at Possession Point Wednesday afternoon destroyed one summer home and damaged another.

Slide hammers houses at Possession

A sizable landslide at Possession Point Wednesday afternoon destroyed one summer home and damaged another. A two-bedroom cabin owned by Bellingham residents Morgan and Laurie Bartlett was knocked off its foundation by tons of mud and trees. Its twisted remains sat precariously on a ledge high above a bulkhead, but the bathroom portion was gone. A medicine cabinet below the concrete bulkhead spilled out its contents, and on the beach further toward the water was the paneling, drywall and other debris that once comprised the bathroom. Neighbors said they had just spent $30,000 fixing it up and that insurance isn’t available in such a slide-prone area.

State harvests cash through geoducks off Langley waters

The geoduck (pronounced gooey-duck) has a funny name and its appearance often elicits embarrassed laughter, but Washington’s biggest clam means big money to the Department of Natural Resources and fine eating, particularly for wealthy devotees in China.

Langley Marina expansion green lighted

There was a party going on at the Port of South Whidbey meeting Tuesday night, even it it was only in the head of Port President Curt Gordon.