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Clinton ferry service resumes following morning closure

The Clinton-to-Mukilteo ferry route is back in action. Washington State Ferries confirmed repairs to the Mukilteo Terminal are complete and that service resumed with the… Continue reading

Clinton ferry service resumes following morning closure

The Clinton-to-Mukilteo ferry route is back in action. Washington State Ferries confirmed repairs to the Mukilteo Terminal are complete and that service resumed with the… Continue reading

Box truck cripples Mukilteo ferry terminal, closes entire route

Service on the Clinton-to-Mukilteo ferry route was brought to a sudden halt Saturday morning after a large vehicle struck and damaged the Mukilteo Terminal. Agency… Continue reading

Elect Price Johnson to another term

Editor, With the election only a few days away, we are writing to encourage everyone to give Helen Price Johnson our enthusiastic support and elect… Continue reading

HOMETOWN HERO | DIANA PUTNEYWorking to be an example of goodness

All who have been touched by Diana Putney describe her as humble, sweet, caring …

Record recognized for ‘general excellence’ in state newspaper contest

The South Whidbey Record earned top marks at the Washington Newspaper Publishers…

Write-in Dem steps forward to challenge Smith, Scott

The quiet and seemingly already decided race for South Whidbey’s state representative seat just got a bit more interesting with the emergence of a third challenger.

Police officer, retired educator vie for House seat

The race for one of the District 10 state House of Representatives seat has been a civil but engaging contest focused on the issues facing Washington state.

WSF to consider ferry request for Whidbey

South Whidbey’s quest to get another 144-car ferry in Clinton may soon be at an end. Washington State Ferries leaders are scheduled to meet internally to discuss the fate of the Suquamish over the next couple of weeks. And while there’s no guarantee, a decision could be made and announced as soon as early November.

Price Johnson, Wray vie for district 1 commissioner’s seat

Affordable housing, mental health and the opioid crisis have emerged as the top issues in the race for Island County commissioner, district 1.

Electrical fire knocks Tokitae out of service; Clinton route down to one boat until further notice

A small electrical fire on the Tokitae knocked the vessel out of service today, leaving the Clinton-to-Mukilteo route with just one boat. According to Washington State Ferries spokesman Ian Sterling, a pipe associated with the vessel's heating system burst sometime before noon. It was located in a small room and started an "electrical fire." He described the fire as small and that passengers were never in any danger.

EDITOR’S COLUMN | Whidbey roads are a path to island history

Like many middle-aged, working-class family men, I have a few defining and perhaps stereotypical characteristics. I like watching TV, my dirty socks never seem make it to the clothes hamper, I spend too much time at work and I like to eat. A lot. Yup, being the man of the house and finishing off that extra scoop of rice at dinner — I can’t responsibly let it go to waste — have taken a hefty toll. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say the days of weighing a trim buck-60 are long gone.

Police confirm one dead in high-speed Freeland crash

A man is confirmed dead in what police describe as a high-speed accident in Freeland today. According to state police, a red Acura was Southbound on Highway 525 and had just passed Cameron Road at about 4 p.m. when it attempted to pass another southbound vehicle.

Ferry movement begins; Multiple groups answer call for service improvements

It’s begun. The hopes of a few Clinton movers and shakers to spark a movement of widespread lobbying for ferry improvements on the South End appears to have succeeded as several independent efforts are well underway this week.

EDITOR’S COLUMN | Participate in a spelling bee? Not this year.

“Hell no, absolutely not!” That was my official response to The Record’s recent invitation to participate in the Clinton Library’s first Spellathon.

Freeland gets $2.7 million sewer grant

Freeland’s phase 1A sewer project received a $2.7 million shot in the arm last week.

Clinton seeks relief to ferry congestion

On the heels of what many are describing as the worst summer in recent memory for long ferry lines, members of the Clinton Community Council are setting their gaze on the state’s fourth and final budgeted 144-car ferry. The Suquamish is scheduled to hit the water in 2018, but where the vessel will end up remains undecided. Leading members of the council believe it should come to the South End, and the body will decide later this month whether or not to formally lobby the state for the vessel.

Bayview pot farm site plan gets OK from county hearing examiner

South Whidbey’s first marijuana production facility, Now in Zen, has received a green light from the county’s hearing examiner. In his written decision, Island Hearing Examiner Michael Bobbink approved the proposed Bayview farm’s site plan, describing it as a “small agricultural type operation” and dismissing the concerns of a vocal group of opposing neighbors.

CORRECTION | Bud or bust? Neighbors take aim at proposed Bayview pot farm on eve of decision

South Whidbey’s first marijuana production facility will flower or die before an independent land use official in Coupeville next week. Now in Zen, a proposed pot farm off Bayview Road, was pitched to the public at a community meeting in January. Six months have passed and the business is nearly through the county’s permit process. It has but one more step before it can secure building permits: getting a final nod from Island County Hearing Examiner Michael Bobbink.

EDITOR’S COLUMN | Texting can, must wait until later

There’s a time and a place for everything, my mom used to say. Sadly, we can’t do everything all the time. Blackberry and crab seasons are in the summer, pinks only run every odd year, skiing is a winter sport, and fall through spring is when young minds spend their days at school. That means homework and early bedtimes. Lame.