Margaret Walton

Our extra day might be perfect for a leap into romance | WHIDBEY RECIPES

What are you planning to do with your extra day today? Something special, I hope. After all, it only comes our way once every four years and somehow it just shouldn’t be another routine, ho-hum day.

Who knew that patch of rhubarb would go such a long way | WHIDBEY RECIPES

The affair began innocently enough and, frankly, I never thought it would last as long as it has. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and still do.

Sunshine ends famine, brings feast of wonderful things | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Are you ready for the onslaught? After the lousy June, slow springing spring, we’re suddenly thrust into summer, and not a moment too soon. However, it also means it’s time to prepare for the deluge of all things wonderful.

The proof is certainly in the pudding this holiday season | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Most of us who’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in close and loving families have some very strong traditions associated with the holiday season, things large or small that we must have or do, no matter what else happens.

Prom-shopping granddaughter inspires tears from the past | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Grandchildren, it turns out, are one of the unexpected benefits of having children in the first place, or so it often seems to me now.… Continue reading

We hope to see you again real soon for dinner, Tom Turkey | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Before we get to the subject at hand, which is leftovers, I have to fix an error in last week’s recipes.

Of all the days in March, the 17th is the best | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It may seem as though it took forever to get here, but we are, finally, nearing the first day of spring, March 20. The first “official” day of spring, that is; we all know that means little or nothing when it comes to what will actually happen as far as the weather goes.

Dealing with another death in the kitchen | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It took two very strong men to carry the corpse out of my kitchen, down a flight of stairs and out to the truck that would haul it away to oblivion. I shed no tears, but did have a few moments of nostalgia as I thought of the years we’d spent together. Fortunately, the same two men were able to fill the empty space left behind with a replacement, and within minutes my new refrigerator was humming away, putting a chill on everything.

Give the lowly eggplant some respect | WHIDBEY RECIPES

“I wish you’d stop yakking about zucchini and give me some help with eggplant. I’m tired of eggplant Parmesan.” That’s one of the more blunt requests I’ve had in the past couple of weeks for eggplant recipes.

Take a taste of pot-fed pigs | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Much has been said and written about the legalization of marijuana and its many ramifications.

One memorable Halloween, the last with Dad | WHIDBEY RECIPES

The scariest, yet funniest, Halloween of my long life happened just three years ago, and every year when Halloween rolls around my memory banks fill my head with that day and evening.

To dress or to stuff our wonderful bird, that is the question | WHIDBEY RECIPES

I have a Thanksgiving question that some of our readers may be able to answer for me.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | If this is global warming …

Hundreds of flights canceled in and out of major airports, ice and snow still making any travel difficult, plans changed, trips postponed or given up… Continue reading

Wooed by Olympias and other shellfish tales | WHIDBEY RECIPES

May has many good things about it; May Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, to note only the major events of the month, along with, hopefully, improving weather. But, there’s another reason to celebrate May, to be happy when it finally arrives, and it has to do with the tide.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Recent headlines leave us with a few sad endings

A 97-year-old man is found floating in the frigid waters of Mutiny Bay, thought to have drifted there from Mukilteo, a suspected suicide, and someone… Continue reading

Memorial Day always features memories and good food | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Monday is Memorial Day, the first big summertime celebration, although I still have a hard time dealing with a Memorial Day that doesn’t fall on May 30.

Tart flavor makes green tomatoes perfect for relishes and chutneys | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Well, summer’s end certainly came in a rush. I’d just written about what a beautiful summery few weeks we’d had, then woke up the next morning to clouds and chilly winds. But, in this part of our world, ’twas ever thus.

The Scrooge and the Grinch must be in cahoots | WHIDBEY RECIPES

After reading a couple of newspapers, watching the latest news on TV and logging in to news stories on the Internet, I’ve come to a conclusion regarding holiday spirit this year.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Too many cooks in the kitchen

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” which I usually take to mean that having more than one or… Continue reading

United Nations goes buggy with world food diet | WHIDBEY RECIPES

A quick check of our local markets, both indoor and outdoor, revealed that one of the current major food resources utilized in a great part of the rest of the world is not yet available in our area. Beautiful greens, a wide variety of fresh picked produce, most of it garden fresh and enticingly displayed, but no bugs. Well, not any visible to the naked eye, that is.