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WHIDBEY RECIPES | Dinner will be better without that familiar pair

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and most of us have planned our menu and done the necessary shopping, or decided which dishes we’d prepare to… Continue reading

National Health Month takes on an added, personal importance | WHIDBEY RECIPES

February, as you may already know, is National American Heart Month, and one of the most important days of February, Valentine’s Day, also has to do with hearts. Candy hearts, flower hearts, heart-shaped pillows, T-shirts covered with message-filled hearts; everywhere you look now and for the next week or so, you’ll be seeing hearts of all types, shapes and sizes.

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Stay out of the rhubarb

When was the last time you found yourself in the middle of a rhubarb?

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Who needs a Blackberry?

One of my granddaughters has a Blackberry. As far as I’m able to tell, she uses it to have a life.

Chase away nasty germs with a good bowl of beans | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about rain, snow, sleet or hail, nor February weather in general.

Police chief responds to pretzel and Pop Tart criticism | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Following is a letter I received last week regarding last Wednesday’s column in which I sputtered over a malnourished, allegedly starved young girl being fed Pop Tarts, popcorn and pretzels by Mukilteo police who took her in charge for safekeeping until Child Protective Services took over.

WHIDBEY RECIPES: Trick or tax treat?

No ghoulish masks, no rattling skeletons, no mysterious moans and groans, no tombstones, smashed pumpkins or witches on broomsticks. Nevertheless, I’m about as scared as… Continue reading

Familiar brown bottle is chock full of simple solutions | WHIDBEY RECIPES

As I was pawing through an overcrowded cupboard looking for a bottle of spot cleaner, I came across a tall, dark brown bottle, shoved toward… Continue reading

Summer veggies; here today, gone tomorrow | WHIDBEY RECIPES

As hard as it is to believe, Labor Day is over and school has started.

Civet-created coffee is super spendy: $200 a pound | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It’s back. Civet poop coffee is back in the news, now given the stamp of approval by the Indonesian Ulema Council, which recently declared that… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | An unexpected gift from Uncle Sam, but now what?

There it was, $250 I never expected, didn’t earn, didn’t really think would ever actually show up in my bank account, but there it was.I… Continue reading

These tasty soups will leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Tomorrow is the 179th anniversary of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s birthday, and I can already hear your comments. “Who’s this Dodgson character and why would I care if tomorrow is his birthdate?”


The first time I ever remember missing my mother was about a week after she had deposited me and my paraphernalia in a dorm room, said goodbye, and left me to begin my first year at college.

Spring cleaning time already? Better send in the Readybot | WHIDBEY RECIPES

If it’s April, it must be time for spring cleaning. Unfortunately, that happens to be at the very top of my “Most Hated Chores” list, primarily because even before I begin, the job seems virtually hopeless.

Holiday season offers a dash of the spectacular | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Ho Ho Ho… and here we go. It’s party time, friends. Three to four weeks, more or less, between now and New Year’s Day, with Christmas, Hanukkah, and that brand new year, all waiting to be celebrated.

The big story behind the sign of the rabbit | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Centuries ago, the Jade Emperor of China decided to throw a party. He invited all the animals to come, intending to designate the first 12 in the order of their arrival as the official animal for each of the 12 months of the Chinese calendar, which he hoped would help his subjects better remember the Zodiac cycle.

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Counting down the days until Christmas

According to my calendar, we are now exactly one week away from Christmas Eve, the last shopping/baking/wrapping/assembling day before there is, finally, no more time… Continue reading

WHIDBEY RECIPES | Cheeseburger, cheeseburger! Health warnings leave me wondering

It’s been a bad week for those of us who think and care a lot about food.First they published an article about hamburger that turned… Continue reading

Our country and our lives changed forever on that sad September day | WHIDBEY RECIPES

When the phone rang on the morning of Sept. 11, nine years ago, and I heard my sister’s voice screaming into the phone, I panicked.… Continue reading

Cutting through the pain for Christmas cheer | WHIDBEY RECIPES

There are times when words fail, when there is no way to express the sorrow, emotions, confusion and yes, anger that comes with the full realization of man’s ability to destroy.