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Langley expected to give mayor $10,000 raise

The Langley City Council is likely to approve a $10,000-a-year pay raise for Mayor Paul Samuelson tonight.

Registered nurse practitioner likely to stay at Langley Clinic, hospital says

It’s likely that registered nurse practitioner Ann Lower will remain at Langley Clinic, and many healthcare services will stay in Langley.

New nail salon sets high standards

Tucked away in a building on Main Street in Freeland is a brand new nail salon. At first sight the place looks like many salons: lots of tiny bottles of nail color sitting side-by-side in a display case, files and other paraphernalia neatly lined up for the next client.

South Whidbey Record welcomes new publisher, Terry Tinker to lead advertising on Whidbey

Marcia VanDyke is the new publisher of The South Whidbey Record and On!Whidbey magazine. She will replace Sherry Mays who will leave The Record after nearly four years as publisher on Sept. 14.

Helping Hand fears it will run out of money; staggering economy drains those who help

A group that has helped South Enders in need for more than a quarter century has found itself in a financial pinch. Helping Hand, a faith-based organization that gives grants for housing and energy bills to people who are in a financial crunch, fears that it may run out of money soon.

Langley residents take fight for clinic to Coupeville

A group of Langley residents concerned about the closure of Langley Clinic plan to attend the Whidbey General Hospital Board meeting Monday to make a case for keeping a physician in town. The group encourages people to attend the public meeting or send letters and e-mails to the board. The board will meet at 6 p.m., Monday, Sept. 8 in Conference Room A at the hospital in Coupeville.

Langley cottage featured on home tour

One of the cottages at the Highlands in Langley is a featured home at the 2008 Skagit and Island Counties Builders Association Home Tour. During the tour, the Highlands is also hosting a sustainability fair.

The Exchange offers chance to ask PUD questions

With 62 days left until decision day, it’s clear that there are more questions than answers concerning a potential switch to a local public utility district. On Nov. 4, voters will decided if they want to part ways with Puget Sound Energy, the current provider of energy on the island, and start a publicly-owned and regulated utility. The South Whidbey Record and the Clinton Community Club are sponsoring The Exchange “What does a PUD mean to Whidbey?” and it’s a chance for residents to squeeze some answers out of PUD supporters and PSE officials, alike.

UPDATE: PSE pays for anti-PUD campaign

Whidbey Consumers for Affordable Energy, the group that planted countless anti-PUD yard signs across the island this weekend, isn’t a Whidbey consumer at all but the brainchild of a political strategy firm funded by Puget Sound Energy.

Anti-PUD group pops up on Whidbey

A new player has jumped into the battle over creating a public utility district on Whidbey Island. This weekend, anti-PUD yard signs popped up on the island from Clinton to north of Oak Harbor. The signs, part of the campaign is sponsored by Whidbey Consumers for Affordable Energy, show a power outlet and the phrase "pull the plug."

Langley is fighting to keep clinic in town

Patients of a Langley doctor’s office are fighting to keep the Langley Clinic in town. Dr. Stan Whittemore of the Whidbey Clinic announced in a letter to his patients earlier this month that he is retiring from medicine and has decided to close the practice at the Langley Clinic.

Clinton supporters slowly enter the fold

Never has the nation seen as many blue “Unity” signs being waved as this week during the National Democratic Convention in Denver. But national polls show that presidential nominee Barack Obama still needs to win the hearts of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

South Enders celebrate Obama’s speech

It had all the makings of a good Super Bowl party: Snacks, burgers sizzling on the grill and a huge crowd scattered among six television sets. But the roughly 60 people at the Riley residence in Langley had come together to hear Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama accept his party’s nomination for president Thursday.

Whidbey PUD, PSE officials square off at first forum

Puget Sound Energy and backers of creating a Whidbey Island-based electric company got a chance to pitch their case to local leaders Wednesday night at a special session of the Council of Governments at Coupeville High School.

UPDATE: Sparks fly among Whidbey PUD supporters

The dispute between the former spokesman of “People For Yes on Whidbey PUD” and the remaining board ignited last weekend and continued this week. While the campaign director of the group admitted Monday to being paid more than $6,000 by the Washington Public Utility District Association, Ed Jenkins, who was the spokesman for “People for Yes On Whidbey PUD,” maintains the actions were unethical.

Ex-spokesman alleges threats, PUD leader says it never happened

The ex-spokesman of the group pushing to start a public utility district on Whidbey Island to take over Puget Sound Energy’s territory has added oil to the fire that ignited this weekend, when he charged the leader of the effort with accepting payments from the state PUD association. After being “removed” by the board Saturday, and resigning himself in an e-mail on Monday, Ed Jenkins sent out another e-mail to PUD supporters, TV stations and newspapers across the state Wednesday saying that he isn’t done yet.

PUD state association counters PSE’s Whidbey study

The Washington Public Utility District Association released a report Monday saying that a Whidbey-based public utilities district could lead to a 20-percent rate cut on islanders’ electric bills. The study followed on the heels of a report released by Puget Sound Energy earlier this month that said a local takeover would not only cost $130 million, but would also cause a 20-percent rate increase for customers.

Internal dispute heats up for Whidbey PUD group

A few megawatts were added to the high voltage sparks that are flying within the group that wants to form a public utilities district and take control of Puget Sound Energy's territory on Whidbey Island.

Fairgrounds Road passes fair test

Access to the fairgrounds via the new Fairgrounds Road has gone through its ultimate test: The Island County Fair. And city of Langley and fair officials said it passed.

Historic preservation moves forward in Langley

Langley’s newly-formed Historic Preservation Commission is ready to put its first three choices on the local historic registry.