Susan Knickerbocker

WAIF volunteer has heart for more than animals

You’re coming out of the market, groceries in your arms. You notice a person in tattered clothes sitting hunched over on a curb, holding something… Continue reading


Bill Cochran: Giving back to the people

What’s important to you? For hometown hero Bill Cochran, moving to South Whidbey answered this question for him. He said he realized his fondest memories… Continue reading


HOMETOWN HERO | Pam Kniseley, living with intention and purpose

Just as people choose to live on South Whidbey, what are the other daily choices they make that are intentional? Pam Kniseley says she defines… Continue reading


Up close and personal with Paula Pugh | HOMETOWN HERO

A quick Q&A with this month's Hometown Hero, Paula Pugh.

What others say about Joan Nelson | HOMETOWN HERO

Friends, family and others have a lot to say about Hometown Hero Joan Nelson.

Jerry Lloyd: A giver with the heart of a teacher | HOMETOWN HERO

Many of us are big picture people, some of us are better at seeing the small details. Hometown Hero Jerry Lloyd, however, sees the forest and the trees clearly at the same time. His motivation is what is best for the community as a whole, and then he narrows the needs of individuals all at once.

Hometown Hero Emily Martin: Caring for all creatures great and small

She’s taking a practice run in the pole vault — eyes straight ahead, pole raised, legs churning — then suddenly, she stops. She bends over, gingerly picking up a bug on the path and placing it out of harm’s way, then continues her vaulting. It’s a small example of Emily Martin’s reverence for all of life, say her grandparents, Stella and Chuck Martin.

Chris Harshman: Practicing the art of practice | HOMETOWN HERO

What are you practicing? Chris Harshman, a South Whidbey volunteer and a music and band teacher, says he’s deliberate as to what he practices in life.

What others say about Ula Lewis | HOMETOWN HERO

“Ula brings all of her gifts to the table here at Good Cheer Food Bank. Her tireless contribution goes well beyond any reasonable expectation of one human being. Her super couponing makes it possible for South Whidbey to feed its growing number of hungry families. We have begun a coupon club to support her efforts, but this has yet to decrease her full time hours of volunteer contributions.”

About Anne Chambers | HOMETOWN HERO

Some biographical information on Anne Chambers, a South Whidbey Hometown Hero.

What others say about Hometown Hero Eloisa Murphy | HOMETOWN HERO

Here are a few extensive quotes from family, friends and fellow servants of Eloisa Murphy, Hometown Hero.

HOMETOWN HERO: Mother Earth and Boy Scout, too

Loretta Wilson embodies all of the qualities of a Boy Scout, says neighbor Pat Connors.

Carol Barnes: Animal cop keeps sight of the mission | HOMETOWN HERO

How many times in life are we motivated only to become disillusioned? How many times do we feel led or called to do something, only to allow circumstances or others to derail us?

Judy Thorslund: Amends for a rocky past | HOMETOWN HERO

She came to South Whidbey in 1977, leaving a life behind her in Seattle that had been shattered by the death of a child, drug addiction and broken dreams. As Judy Thorslund says, “I spent the next 4 years here on South Whidbey finding the bottom of a bottle. Thankfully in 1982 I had a very powerful turn-around point in my life.”

What locals say about Fritz Hull | HOMETOWN HERO

What locals say about Fritz Hull, a South Whidbey Hometown Hero.

Bob Alexander: Mr. A, still inspiring consistency

For those who know Bob Alexander, affectionately called “Mr. A,” he’s referred to as a steady-Eddie, a behind-the-scenes kind of guy whom one can always count on.

Hometown Hero Jon Poolman aims for excellence

Jon Poolman learned early on to strive for his own personal perfection.

What others say about Jim Engstrom and Larry Corradini | HOMETOWN HEROES

Read what other people think of South Whidbey's Hometown Heroes Jim Enstrom and Larry Corradini.

Cynthia Jaffe: A forward-looking Hometown Hero | HOMETOWN HERO

There is strength in living forwards, not backwards.

Dr. Ric Prael has lived a life of service above himself | HOMETOWN HERO

“He’s an inspiration, as he truly exemplifies the Rotary motto ‘Service above Self,’” says Jenanne Murphy, a fellow Rotarian. “He has the vision to see, faith to believe and courage to act.”