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HOMETOWN HERO | James Itaya: Answering the call to action

Actions, not mere words, are what defines the reputation and character of a person, according to James Itaya, a South Whidbey High School senior.

What they say about Paula | HOMETOWN HERO

Read what other people, friends, family and co-workers say about this month's Hometown Hero, Paula Pugh.

South Whidbey’s Byron and Dana Moffett, Humanitarians at home and abroad | Hometown Heroes

People who know Byron and Dana Moffett describe them as humanitarians, concerned with the welfare of all people, and the alleviation of suffering.

Hometown Hero advocates for more appreciation in the world

What the world needs now … is more appreciation, not just for some but for everyone. Janice O’Mahony believes there is not enough appreciation in the world.

Every job is an opportunity to serve

Every job is an opportunity to serve humanity. It’s not the job title we hold, but how we do our job that counts.With today’s economy,… Continue reading

Jim Craft, Living in the world, but not of it | HOMETOWN HERO

What does it mean living in this world, but not of the world? Jim Craft believes living attached to the things and rewards of this world will never bring contentment.

Jokinen: Life is about choices, not circumstances | HOMETOWN HERO

Not all lessons in the classroom come from textbooks. Sometimes they come from special teachers, professionals such as South Whidbey’s Erik Jokinen.

HOMETOWN HERO | No matter what, Sandy Gilbert stays optimistic while helping others

Sandy Gilbert has experienced more than her share of sorrows. And through it all, the popular South Whidbey teacher remains optimistic, helpful and giving for the sake of her family and community.

HOMETOWN HEROES| DAVE AND LENNA ROSE: An inconvenient opportunity

What is our response when asked for our help or see a need at an inconvenient time? Dave and Lenna Rose do not look at life’s requests as inconvenient, says Sam Lungren, a friend of the family.

He tells them they can do anything

Dennis Hunter’s passion is to help people to feel significant for who they are and in what they do.

Q&A with Lennox Bishop | HOMETOWN HERO

A little background information on the South Whidbey Record's Hometown Hero, Lennox Bishop.

Ewell: Quaker dedicates his life to peacemaking | HOMETOWN HERO

Besides songs, poems, bumper stickers, protests, and posters, one way to define peacemaking is on a personal level. And so it is with Hometown Hero Tom Ewell, whose friends and colleagues often refer to him as a peacemaker.

Diana Putney: Working to be an example of goodness | HOMETOWN HERO

All who have been touched by Diana Putney describe her as humble, sweet, caring and a model of a good person who creates hope in the human race. Angie Pratt says, “My daughter Mya had been in 4-H for six years and was ready to give up on performance, because of various circumstances.

Bishop: Caring is cool, South Whidbey senior says | HOMETOWN HERO

Once a year South Whidbey schools nominate one senior to be a hometown hero. This person is chosen by adults and students, is a person who inspires others, and makes the community and school a better place. This year it’s Macey Bishop. Caring isn’t always easy. Sometimes it comes with a price. The person who acts indifferent or apathetic towards others and life may think they’re avoiding being hurt, but the truth is, fear of showing vulnerable feelings of caring and acting detached is more painful in the end. It hurts oneself, others and the world is cheated out of the real you, says Macey Bishop, hometown hero.

Don ‘Hunter’ Allen: Sharing freely his labor’s fruits | HOMETOWN HERO

It does not matter who you are, what you do, what race, religion or non-religion, political party, or if you are rich or poor, Don Allen will cheerfully help you, and share with you.

Angela Vosburg: Service, hospitality, humor | HOMETOWN HERO

With a heart as big as her smile, Angela Vosburg has a way with people. Some describe her as the bright spot in a room, others know a dedicated community volunteer. Still more know her as a savvy and successful businesswoman. While the reports vary, there seems to be one thing everyone agrees on: Vosburg makes both an impression and a difference in people’s lives.

Anne Chambers | HOMETOWN HERO

Part of everyone’s life is ‘letting go’ — letting go of relationships, dreams, titles, opinions, hurts or resentments.

Lennox Bishop: ‘My job here on earth is to love people’ | HOMETOWN HERO

At the end of each school year, the South Whidbey Record’s “Hometown Hero” features a high school senior nominated by the schools.

Eloisa Murphy: The true meaning of ‘live and let live’ | HOMETOWN HERO

What does it mean to live a belief in “live and let live?”

Clinton’s ‘unofficial mayor’ brightens the day | HOMETOWN HERO

“It was one of those days, actually it had been a month of those days, where nothing was going right,” said Sandy Wright. “I promised my daughter I would take her to the library book sale, so I dragged myself there. A woman we didn’t know took special interest in us.