Baker brings back town favorites in Langley

Misty Moore takes time out from work after her first week of business at the Langley Village Bakery.

A Langley baker is returning to her roots.

Misty Moore has bought Langley Village Bakery on Second Street in Langley and reopened it last week.

Moore started her career as a baker at the bakery when she was a mother of a 1-year-old and desperate for a job requiring a passion for baking and cooking.

“I worked here when Marie Bird had the bakery,” Moore said. “I was just looking for a job. Marie trained me how to bake, teaching me all her recipes. It just kind of stuck.”

She quietly opened the bakery that had been DeMartini’s Bakery a week ago, hoping to get a jump-start on life as a small-business owner before word got around and the shop would get busy.

But she was wrong.

Everyday, the bakery has been hopping with activity. Kids want to try out her signature Monster Cookies, a wheat- and gluten-free cookie that’s a monster-style treat, and grownups have stopped by who remember the tasty pesto pizza that once was a staple on the menu at the bakery many years ago when Moore was just an apprentice baker.

Moore returned to Whidbey after life took her away from baking and into real estate for a few years.

“I heard the bakery was for sale,” Moore said. “When I came in, Sandy (DeMartini) said, ‘I had a feeling that’s why you’re here.’”

The former owner thought that Moore would be a good replacement for her and offered encouraging words.

“She said, ‘If anybody can make this place happen, you can,’” Moore recalled.

So the deal was sealed and Moore went to work.

She repainted the interior of the shop, dusted off the old recipes and started to bake.

“I basically brought back the old recipes, the town favorites. I had a lot of arm-tugging over the years. ‘How do you make this?’ ‘Can you make this for Christmas?’”

Customers will find croissants, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cakes and pies, along with espresso drinks. For lunch, Moore serves stuffed focaccia, soup, pizza and sandwiches.

The Langley Village Bakery is open 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays. For information, call 221-3525.