Clifton View Homes is silver award winner

Clifton View Homes has been recognized as a leader in energy-efficient construction by the National Association of Home Builders’ Research Center.

As a winner of a 2010 Silver EnergyValue Housing Award, association officials said Clifton View Homes demonstrated a laudable commitment to building energy-efficient homes.

The builder earned honors for the Yost/Fulcher residence in Coupeville, which was designed and built by Ted Clifton, who worked with the property owners to develop both the home that they wanted and the energy-efficient technologies needed for sustainability.

Clifton View Homes focuses on building green, and handles new construction and also retrofitting of existing homes for energy efficiency.

“EVHA winners are truly pioneers and innovators in high-performance home construction. But the beauty of what they do is not in its novelty, but rather in its ability to be applied to mainstream construction across the county,” said Michael Luzier, president of the NAHB Research Center.

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