Clinton distillery earns positive review

Clinton’s Cadée Distillery was recently awarded a rating of 89 points by Whisky Advocate, a national whisky magazine, for its Deceptivus Bourbon Whiskey.

Deceptivus is matured as bourbon whiskey then double-barrel finished in the “unique maritime climate of Whidbey,” according to a news release.

Fred Minnick, a Louisville, Kentucky-based bourbon authority said in the Whisky Advocate guide that products included in its buying guide “usually reflect our most positive experiences in recent tastings.”

Describing Deceptivus, Minnick also said that it tastes of “roasted corn, pine nuts, vanilla, cinnamon and sweet oats.”

“Oak surfaces for a second, then is quickly replaced by lovely brown sugar, followed by toffee and bread pudding,” he said. “This certainly is more rich and pronounced than most young bourbons with a finish of cinnamon pastry. Kudos for making one-year-old bourbon taste well beyond its year.”