Expressive art unites Langley and British dancers

Emily Day and Katherine Trenshaw show off some of Trenshaw’s work that will be shown during her exhibit that runs Aug. 19 through Aug. 26 in Bayview. The art is for sale at Creative Moves in Langley.

LANGLEY — A love of expressive arts and dance helped connect two women from opposite ends of the world, and were the seeds that blossomed into an international collaboration.

Katherine Trenshaw, who lives in Great Britain, is a visual artist who attended one of Langley resident Emily Day’s 5Rhythms dance classes during a visit to Whidbey Island.

Day, the creator of Dancing Colors scarves and educational materials, said the women connected over their shared passions.

Day said she loves the colors, energy and movements of Trenshaw’s art, and so she bought some smaller pieces to sell them at Expressive Arts conferences across the country.

“It was all the things I love; color, nature, bodies. All dancers love bodies,” Day said.

Now, Trenshaw is back on the island and Day is selling Trenshaw’s art, jewelry and greeting cards at her new store, Creative Moves, she recently opened on First Street in Langley. Day’s shop is geared toward expressive arts and so she dedicated a whole wall to Trenshaw’s work.

Day also produces Trenshaw’s show, Passionate Presence — an art exhibit and series of events, at the Bayview Cash Store.

The show will run 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Aug. 19 through Aug. 26 in the Front Room at the Bayview Cash Store. An artist’s reception will be Aug. 22.

“I brought 65 pieces of original art. That’s quite extraordinary considering what it took to get it here,” Trenshaw said.

Trenshaw is an artist and international expressive arts therapist, teacher and event facilitator living in Devon, England with her

10-year-old son.

She has been facilitating personal development and creative expression workshops in the USA and Europe for over 20 years.

“I’m a citizen of the world. That makes me homeless and wise,” she said.

Trenshaw said she finds that South Whidbey is a great place to share her teachings.

“Whidbey Island is a particularly sophisticated audience,” she said.

Her painting and sculpture are inspired by deep presence that comes when body marries spirit where paradox dances. She offers creative expression-based sessions with individual clients as well as groups.

“I am a soulful being exploring, inviting and creating the deep presence that arises in all of us when we remember to truly be here with what is happening as it unfolds in the moment,” Trenshaw said.

“I am interested in embodied consciousness: the marriage of the human body with spirit, the dance of paradoxes and the ecstasy of actually being awake and living until we die.”

She also works increasingly as a creative consultant for businesses facilitating project/problem specific think tank sessions.

On Aug. 21, Trenshaw will hold a lecture demo introducing her work and her expressive therapy style and methods.

“It’s an opportunity to try and get a flavor of what I do,” Trenshaw said.

Then she will hold a workshop Aug. 23 and Aug. 24.

Trenshaw also offers private sessions that can be booked through Day at 221-5989.

The women share a passion for art and the power of therapeutical, expressive dance. They also said they believe in the power of collaborating as business women.

Day said she wants to help Trenshaw “recapture” the West Coast as an artist and business woman after 10 years of raising her son, and Whidbey seems like a good starting point.

Day, who has done business in Langley for years, but only recently opened the store, said she has had the mail-order business, Dancing Colors, since 1984. She added that because of the success of this business, she felt confident to open a store in Langley despite the downturn in the economy. Inviting artists like Trenshaw are part of her success secret.

Day sells work by local artist Deborah Koff-Chapin, who is known for her touchdrawing products. She also offers silk clothing and scarves by national and local textile artists Cheryl Kamera, Terri Jo Summer and Anne Davenport, as well as jewelry and photography. She also carries a product line associated with expressive dancing as well as videos and DVDs for education, recreation and therapy.

To learn more about Trenshaw’s work, visit For more on Day’s business, go to