Fitness club helps members hit milestones

Pat Palla

With the pressure of New Year’s resolutions, many people who kicked off fitness regimes at the start of the year end up sabotaging their plans only weeks later.

But Curves for Women in Bayview offers a proven 30-minute workout routine and a new class to keep exercisers on track this year.

Cindy Calder, co-owner of the Bayview franchise, said a new class called “The Six-Week Solution” will teach people to supplement their fitness routine by teaching sensible weight management techniques and nutrition.

Susan Sandberg of Clinton took the class last fall and said what she has learned in class was easily adapted in every day life.

“I’ve had very good results from it,” she said.

Sandberg explained that she learned in the class what nutrition plan works for her eating habits and lifestyle.

“You learn what foods are no-nos for you, because everyone is different,” she said. “I am continuing to lose weight with what I learned in class.”

Curves offers “common sense” weight management programs like the six week class that begins Tuesday, Jan. 15, ending the need for perpetual dieting, Calder said.

Dedicated to women’s fitness, Curves offers a 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance.

Working out at Curves has helped Pat Palla stay on track and exercise regularly for more than three years.

“It’s so hard,” Palla said. “The thing is, I am really a person who doesn’t like to exercise. So I looked for something with enough variety to keep me interested,” she added.

Palla found variety at Curves. This month she will hit her 1,000th workout session at the fitness club.

And when Palla shows up for her workout milestone, the Curves team will be there to support and celebrate her.

“We’re going to have a big party all day,” Calder said.

Palla said the secret to her success is the supportive environment and the other women working out at Curves.

“It’s sort of a support group,” she said.

Another club member who is close to hitting the 1,000th workout milestone is Nancy Walker of Freeland.

Walker has been a member for more than five years and said the sociability of the women in the club is what keeps her motivated.

“I made so many great friends,” she said. She also said she lost 40 pounds in the process and exercising helped her recover from heart surgery two years ago.

“For me, it represents the ability to stick with something,” Walker said.

However, the 1,000th workout milestone is not a big deal to her. It’s just another workout on a path to healthy living.

“The next one will be 2,000,” Walker joked.

Palla added that the workout sessions are relatively short at about 30 minutes, which is a big plus in her book. The Greenbank woman travels almost every day to Bayview to do her training and it has paid off. She said exercising regularly has obvious health benefits, but most importantly, Palla feels fit.

“I have muscle where I didn’t have it before,” Palla said.

While the goal of Curves is to help women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, the club also sponsors a show with a “conflicting” name. Curves and the salon Rumours are sponsoring “Girls Gone Wide.” The show is set for 6:30 p.m. Jan. 25 at Freeland Hall. Tickets are $20. Proceeds benefit Whidbey Children’s Theater.

Comedienne Suzanne Kelman, formerly of “Big Purple Undies” fame, will be presenting the brand-new comedy show “Girls Gone Wide.” The show celebrates bodies of all sizes.

The Bayview Curves is located at 2843 East Howard Road. It’s one of 10,000 Curves locations with 4 million members worldwide.

For more information, call 331-6944.