Islander gives women the tools to succeed

In the past four years, a Clinton woman has made it her mission to give women the tools to succeed in home improvement projects — quite literally.

Linda Broyles has been selling bright pink Tomboy Tools, ergonomically designed for women, since 2004.

“As a single mom I was always looking for a way to make some extra money,” Broyles said. “My boss at the time, Marge Maurer-Gemkow, saw an advertisement in an issue of the Costco Connection for Tomboy Tools. She thought it was a perfect match for me. She bought my starter kit and had my first tool party. I have been hooked ever since.”

Founded in 2000, Tomboy Tools is a provider of hands-on education and high quality tools for women. At in-home “tool parties,” guests see products and basic home improvement demonstrations in action, learn simple and cost-effective techniques and gain the confidence to tackle home improvement projects on their own.

“I love discovering new projects to learn and then teaching other women what they can do,” Broyles said.

Most recently the company expanded its line to include car tools, all pink of course, she said.

“With the expansion of the auto kit we now empower women in auto maintenance also,” she said. “We have partnered with CarMD, the makers of the first personal handheld car diagnostic tool.”

Broyles said being able to check out the car and get easy-to-understand analysis of a car’s health without the hassle of getting dirty under the hood, provides women independence.

“Women no longer need to fear being taken advantage of at the mechanic’s,” she said.

The Pink Auto Kit comes in a pink canvas bag with pink and black jumper cables, pink digital tire gauge, pink LED aluminum flashlight, pink rubber gloves, and a pink extendable screwdriver. The Pink Auto Kit is the largest of the new products launched by Tomboy Tools; other new pink tools that are now available also focus on education and empowerment.

The line of tools is affordable with tools starting at about $5.

The Pink Auto Kit and other tools are available online at, or by calling Broyles at 360-809-0477 or 341-3351.

Broyles will also be in the Commercial Building during the Island County Fair.