Misty Vale Farm expands pet-boarding facility with ‘kitty condos’

Emma Scotthanson

It’s a dream pad for cats: A large, light “jungle-room” with a red leather couch, kitty toys all around and a branch-laden madrona tree smack in the middle of everything.

Misty Vale Farm has added more for kitties.

The pet-boarding facility in Clinton has expanded its cat-boarding facilities with private “cat condos” and a large kitty playroom for each cat to enjoy daily.

Cats who board at the farm are treated to individual playtime in the jungle-themed room when not lounging in their private quarters.

“Nobody on the South End has a playscape for cats,” said owner Kelly Scotthanson. “I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out or not, but I was looking for a unique experience for the cats.”

Turns out, the cats love it, Scotthanson said.

“The tree goes up 12 feet, but the kitties always come down for food. Cats love staying at the farm. It’s like a spa for cats.”

Each cat who boards at Misty Vale Farm enjoys private time in the playroom daily, unless they are from the same family, in which case the cats can enjoy the jungle-gym together. The cat area has its own entrance in a separate wing that is for cats only. There is also a veterinary technician on staff who can administer medication or shots as needed.

Scotthanson said she wanted to create a place for cats that is better than just having the neighbor come over to feed the cat when families go on vacation.

“Cats have their own private condo that is both comfortable and secure,” Scotthanson said.

Misty Vale Farm also offers doggie day care, and cage-free dog boarding. The farm accepts a limited number of pets, so each animal receives lots of attention. There is a minimum stay of two nights required for cats because, Scotthanson said, they need at least one whole day to adjust to the new surroundings.

Visitors are welcome to view the farm and its pet lodgings anytime with an appointment.

Misty Vale Farm is off Highway 525 at 5950 Maxwelton Road. Call 321-7840 for more info, or visit www.mistyvalefarm.com.