Sweet Sisters take products to farmer market circuit

Karen Wilson tries out some of Sweet Sisters lip balm at the shop at the Bayview Cash Store.

Young horse enthusiasts turn entrepreneurs

BAYVIEW — At the young age of 11 and 14, Terra and Rohanna Wildon are seasoned business women.

For four years, they’ve been manufacturing body and home care products and selling them at the Bayview Farmers Market or by home order through their label Sweet Sisters. Initially, it was to raise some money for their horses.

“Second to riding, our favorite thing is to work and learn about healthy body care products,” Rohanna said.

“We use all of our products and love them,” she added.

Now the girls run their first shop at the Bayview Cash Store. Sweet Sisters Bodycare has set up shop in the Flash-in-the-Pan space through March when they will head out and sell their goods at different farmers markets on the island.

Sweet Sisters should probably be called “Sweet Sisters and Mom” as mom Karen Wilson helps the girls with manufacturing, marketing and the shop.

“I do most of the formulation, but the girls have a part in what they sell. And they do all the packaging and labeling,” Wilson said.

Their extensive line includes specialized skin and hair care, body, bath and home products. And people seem to like what they find.

“One person came and said ‘I’ve never had compliments on my hair until I used your shampoo,’” Wilson said. That was a moment that made Terra, Rohanna and mom equally proud.

Their best-seller is the mango-shea lotion.

“People really seem to like it,” Wilson said.

From shampoos, face creams and natural perfumes to laundry liquid and carpet powder, the Sweet Sisters care about what goes into the products.

The three businesswomen have researched the safest ingredients, make small batches to ensure high quality and strive to find balance in creating the healthiest and most effective formulations possible.

Wilson said operating the shop has been a blast.

“When I see Terra here at age 11 doing the store, dealing with customers, I think cool. It’s great what they learn,” Wilson said.

Customers can not only shop to their heart’s desire, but the store has also an educational component. People can learn from the Sweet Sisters team about natural products and care. If the smell of essential oils and lotions don’t draw you in, their oversized massage chair might.

The Sweet Sisters don’t have a Web site yet, but return customers can order their favorite products via e-mail. So, now is the time to check out the hundreds of all-natural products for sale as long as Sweet Sisters is still at Bayview.

The store is open from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. For an appointment or more information, call 331-1328.

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