100 deadly days of summer has begun


Memorial Day Weekend to the end of Labor Day Weekend is a 100-day period that embraces vacation time, travel time, and nice weather. Seen from another angle, lots of folks are driving and some of the drivers are impaired.

The Impaired Driving Impact Panel of Island County’s mission statement says that we are dedicated to deterring driving under the influence and underage drinking in our communities through education and awareness.

We accomplish our mission through our monthly impact panels and our prevention program given to all the middle schools on Whidbey Island. We present panels to military personnel on NAS Whidbey by invitation. We want all of you to make good choices when driving.

Do not add to the traffic or mortality statistics for 2017. Do not put yourself through the hell of knowing you endangered your life and the lives of others needlessly. Do not start a ripple effect that will inject more suffering, pain, and anguish into a number of lives.

Through our annual fundraising effort, Keep It a Safe Summer, we support our staff and program costs. At the end of the 100 deadly days of summer, Island Thrift generously matches whatever monies we raise, up to $5,000. They have done this for a number of years, along with scores of other partners in prevention. All of our community outreach, engagement, education, panels, and prevention, is accomplished through our donors, be they individuals or organizations.

For more background information about us, visit our website at http://idipic.org/ and our Facebook page. If you wish to participate in IDIPIC’s mission or this campaign, please contact IDIPIC by e-mail, idipic@idipic.org. Donations can be mailed to: IDIPIC, POB 358, Oak Harbor WA 98277.

We will acknowledge every donation we receive; or you can stipulate to have your donation remain anonymous.

Here’s to safe roads for all of us, all of the time!

Thank you,


IDIPIC Director IDIPIC and Facilitator/Educator