Amplified music in Langley should be banned


I live in Langley and am writing to suggest eliminating the use of amplification for music played at outdoor venues in town.

I rush to defend myself from those who would chide me as someone who does not like music. Believe me I love music, many kinds of it, and I often attend musical events with great enthusiasm.

What I am addressing is not music. It is noise. When one is not attending a concert, but rather is some distance away from the source, with buildings in between which resonate like drums, and amplification is turned up high, the distortions produced could at times be likened to the sounds from a low-flying airplane.

Amplification in a stadium, or a large auditorium, or anyplace where hundreds may be gathered, is desirable. But Langley is a village and it consists of residences as well as stores and public places. The people who are here at any given time have diverse reasons for being where they are as well as diverse interests. When one small group listen to music at an outdoor venue, amplification is not required for them to hear and enjoy what they are listening to. If someone in another part of town is reading or sleeping, there is no reason why they should be bombarded with noise from which they cannot escape.

Should we not be aware of our neighbor’s needs, especially when what we are doing does not really require infringement of those needs?