Letter: Before Trump, Americans would welcome immigrants


With all the murders, extortion, rapes, etc., in Honduras, San Salvador and other countries, I believe I would be heading out to a more promising country. They live in constant fear for themselves and their families.

I am sure you would be traveling down that road like them, leaving all you know and way of life for any chance for security. These are people who are willing to work and create a new life. They know hardships like you and I have never experienced or imagined. A lot of them are staying in Mexico, and Mexico is reaching out to them.

We used to do that before Trump.

However, the basic problem is our system of immigration. I would shock you by saying, let all of them in after vetting each individual for criminal backgrounds.

Then give them all green cards, social security numbers, and allow them to obtain a driver’s licenses after demonstrating basic English language skills. Then they could be ‘tracked’ like you and I are. If they cause a serious crime, they could be quickly located and deported.

They will take the menial jobs that are needed in order to get established and if the jobs run out, they will move on to other countries of opportunity.

Meanwhile, we collect taxes on them and they support the various government agencies. Factories, farmers, and more are hurting for workers because of our present governmental policies. Someone needs to wake up and effect positive immigration, not a political devise to sow fear and rage.

Instead, let us show compassion.

Tom Carey


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