Beliefs, appearance are not factors for immigration


Regarding the incident on the Ohio State University campus where the young man was shot and killed after attacking students with his car and a knife: The president-elect has said the young man “should not have been in our country.” With the exception of the original inhabitants of this entire nation or the people who were forcefully brought here to be sold into slavery, we are all immigrants.

The Constitution does not give us the right to pick and choose who comes here based on beliefs or appearance. To single out this young man as the president-elect has done, is not the act of someone committed to uniting this nation. It is inflammatory speech, giving permission to any non thinking person with a fist or a weapon to address anyone who looks or thinks differently than they do. Statements like this further divide this nation. This is not leadership.

President Barack Obama was correct in saying this man is unfit to be president. My hope is that when the electors meet on Dec. 19 they will do what is right for the future of this nation.