Climate change is real, accept it


After a lengthy search, Mr. Wyman finally found two scientists in his recent letter to the editor, “No, not all scientists agree on global warming,” who are not among the 97 percent that support the fact that (1) climate change is happening, and (2) that it’s primarily caused by human activities and the burning of fossil fuels. This attempt to one-up the list of scientists given in Ms. Mayhew’s well-researched letter made me laugh out loud.

Wyman’s man, Botkin, is president of his “Center for the Study of the Environment.” Do a search on Google or any other search engine – you won’t find it listed anywhere. Botkin “created” it hoping to provide some needed credibility to his misguided theories regarding climate issues. Your other climate science denier, Lindzen, is a bottom-feeder that suggested in print, “carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.” He was profoundly slammed by members of the real scientific community for such a stupid and incorrect statement. Lindzen is also linked to the “Cornwell Alliance,” a conservative Christian policy group that suggests, “… since God gave humans stewardship over the Earth, he would NOT set up the world to allow humans to eventually destroy it… .”


Mr. Wyman, you should quit spending your time searching for the bottom-feeders in the science community that might support your weird take on climate. They are nearly extinct. The vast majority of scientists do believe that fossil fueled power plants and 1.2 billion or so combustion engine vehicles presently on our planet are the primary cause of climate change. Read a major newspaper. Do a serious Google search. You will find many articles and information supporting the realities of the climate situation and few if any stating otherwise.

One thing Mr. Wyman can take pride in is that he shares the same view on climate as another famous person who also is having to deal with “fake news” about climate and a bunch of other stuff as well.



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