Current South Whidbey booster club board is not suspect


As the parent of a South Whidbey High School student involved in the athletic program, I feel the need to respond to The Record’s story regarding the investigation of the South Whidbey High School Athletic Booster Club past finances.

While the article does refer to the resignation of the board members who are under investigation, implying that the present board is not implicated, I wish to make it completely clear that the current board is not under any suspicion of wrongdoing.

In fact, these volunteers are all highly competent, skilled and dedicated individuals, spending hours of their own time positively rebuilding the program, so our youth can challenge themselves in a well supported atmosphere and our community can enjoy cheering them on.

I wish to express my appreciation for all that they are doing and hope that the rest of our community will not hesitate to continue to support their efforts.