Elect Price Johnson to another term


With the election only a few days away, we are writing to encourage everyone to give Helen Price Johnson our enthusiastic support and elect her to another term as our Island County commissioner. In this disturbing election process, when so many of us are upset by the divisiveness in our country and our county, we are very grateful that we can give our wholehearted support to Helen as our representative.

Integrity, honesty, good will, compassion and respect for others are all qualities that matter more than ever. Helen’s life and work embodies these qualities. Over these past years as our county commissioner, she has worked with total dedication on behalf of the well-being and future prosperity of the Whidbey and Camano communities. She is not only willing to take on this responsibility again, but does so with quite incredible energy and commitment. She knows, as we all do, how this election may impact our island life, our young people, our elders, and our environment. Helen recognizes that she holds responsibility for representing the diversity of voices and agendas in our civic and business sectors and, with integrity, to represent us all before our state Legislature. Helen is also a life-long advocate for our environment and will continue to work for the health of our natural world, bringing her experience and caring spirit to all the complex questions of environmental protection, business, and community needs.

We have known Helen over many years since we made Whidbey our home in 1972. It is with respect and gratitude that we write on her behalf and ask you to give your “yes” to Helen on November 8. We need her experience and wisdom more than ever as we all work together on behalf of a sustainable and vital future for our island home.