Evidence supports claim man caused global warming


I read the recent letters by David Powell denying human-caused climate change. Why this is an important debate to have in a small, semi-rural community newspaper’s opinion page, I’m not sure.

One thing I appreciate about his arguments is he tries to appeal to science. This is better than appealing to a God who is in ultimate control, which proves nothing. Unfortunately, Powell uses the same methods liberals are accused of using: pointing to one or two micro studies that can be interpreted in a way that proves their overall point.

Anybody can point to a certain study or set of data and say, “Aha! See, I told you!” But where human-caused climate change adherents have the advantage is with the enormous weight of evidence tipped in their favor, compared to the scattered scientific dissenters.

When I Googled “global cooling,” I came across a spattering of information, much of it from obscure websites. I don’t find the unanimous yelling-from-the-rooftops message from climate scientists as I do when I Google “global warming.”

Is it possible that humans are not the primary cause of climate change? Yes. Is it possible that climate science is tainted by politics and money? Yes. Nevertheless, the evidence is so overwhelmingly in favor of human-based climate change that, until the evidence changes, it’s foolish to think otherwise.


Oak Harbor

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