Get him out, and his cronies too


Okay, events unfold daily on a predictable but alarming basis with our new president. Given these recent events, make that “so-called president.” The fiasco of banning legitimate (and thoroughly vetted) immigrants using a bogus, bigoted, propagandistic rationale will hopefully be the initial tipping point leading to the removal of Donald J. Trump from office. Remarkably, in less than a month it is now long overdue. Enough already. The man is a self-explicating lunatic. Get him out. Along with his unqualified, ideologically hideous cronies too.

If this doesn’t make sense to you then go back to sleep. Please. Or sedate yourself with more Fox News. Alternate reality, like alternate facts, can be a really soothing thing apparently. But the (real) fact is that everything about this new so-called administration is alarming, hard to believe and very dangerous. But, stranger than fiction, it absolutely is happening. How many more treasonous statements does Trump need to make? How many more attacks on the press? How many more lies? How many more insults to our allies? How much more of this must we endure? It is time. It is past time. Write. Call. Petition. Get your rational friends, relatives, and representatives mobilized to remove this shameful aberration from office. Let him spend the rest of his life tweeting to his enemies, real and imagined in an asylum, where he belongs.



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