Good luck Republicans, the whole world is watching


Perhaps the only good thing about this election is that it will force the Republican Party to show America and the world what it stands for.

Republicans, since you are doubtless in earnest about serving the highest good of all, here are a few suggestions from a concerned citizen:

1. Impeach Trump as soon as possible. He is unqualified, unhinged, and dangerous, and the whole world knows it.

2. If you succeed in banning abortion, promote birth control and sex education, provide maternity leave, health care and counseling for pregnant women and provide good homes for unwanted babies. Oh yes, and equal pay for women and living wages for all.

3. Educate yourselves about waste disposal, recycling, organic gardening, sustainable energy, healthy diets, and climate change; base your environmental policies on scientific fact, not corporate profit motives.

4. If you want to protect Americans from terrorists, adequately fund mental health services, support gun control, don’t discriminate against any person or group based on religion or race, and practice the Golden Rule.

5. Recognize that income inequality has reached obscene proportions; tax the 1 percent more, and redistribute the wealth for the common good. (“Trickle down” failed a long time ago.)

6. Recognize our global interdependence; create good American jobs and promote American businesses and products; negotiate trade agreements that are fair to all countries.

7. Rebuild America’s infrastructure with American labor.

8. Protect the environment and public safety with appropriate regulations.

9. Before you repeal Obamacare, produce a viable plan for affordable and universal coverage, as you have promised.

10. Strengthen and improve public education; respect science and knowledge.

11. Visit National Parks often and appreciate the wondrous beauty of this land.

Good luck. The whole world is watching.