Hoping for a civilized 2017 Langley election process


It’s been interesting to read and hear various current and former city officials lamenting the tone of the public discourse around the sanctuary debate and how hurtful they found it.

During the recent mayoral election, I was subjected to repeated character assassination, anonymous mailers filled with lies, dirty tricks at a chamber meeting, mud-slinging newspaper letters and comments, and startlingly vicious comments on social media. I was told by one of my employees that people were trolling Facebook trying to find employees who were unhappy with me as a business owner.

I don’t recall any city official lamenting the tone of the campaign or calling for a return to civil discourse. In fact many of them made the comments and/or were the first on the “Like” button when another nasty comment was posted.

I know I’m not perfect either. During the funicular debate, I made a remark I regret about the then-mayor loving grandiose projects. So I hereby publicly apologize. I’m sorry, Fred. That was a mean and unnecessary remark. There were probably others, but that’s the one I remember and regret.

I mostly bring this up because three council seats are up for election this year. I hope we have all learned our lessons and will conduct a civilized election process based on facts and devoid of nastiness and dirty tricks.

I also hope some more liberal persons run for city council, as having a conservative majority on the council and a conservative mayor is, I hope, not a good fit for Langley. Filing deadline is May 19.