In civilized society, all laws should be followed


“A contempt of the laws is the high road to anarchy.” — Alexander Hamilton

I caution the Langley City Council about passing a sanctuary city ordinance. I understand the issue and the need to solve our immigration problems. But, for a moment look at the potential precedent that could be set by Langley and other municipalities.

Consider for a moment that an alt-right group becomes a majority on another city’s council. Just as Langley residents may refuse to enforce the immigration laws now on the books, assume that the alt-right folks decide not to enforce laws they dislike – civil rights or voting right laws. Or they decide not to issue a building permit to “those people” who want to build a synagogue or “those people” wanting to build a mosque.

And, once one law is set aside, why not another?

How can a civilized society exist when no one knows for certain which laws are enforced and which are ignored?