Island Shakespeare Festival director expresses graditude


Seven years ago, a scrappy theatre company was born in the woods at StoryHouse at the Whidbey Institute. Surrounded by 100 acres of beauty, Island Shakespeare Festival opened its first season, thanks to Fritz, Vivienne and Timothy Hull’s love, generosity and belief in the vision. Those first years are some of the most magical of my life.

Since then, it has moved twice, grown incredibly quickly, and is now flourishing in its newest location. I am ineffably grateful to everyone who has helped bring this dream to life. This company was built on love and the desire to bring high quality Shakespeare to a community for free. My dream to create a loving, supportive company of artisans has been realized beyond my wildest dreams. The company has brought passion, artistry, and love to every aspect of every season. The community has been incredibly generous and supportive in every way.

There are a few people who have been there, every step of the way, from the earliest beginnings to the most recent seventh season, who have given everything and without whom, ISF simply would not have flourished as it has done. Peggy Juve, Michelle Durr, Roderick Stewart, Timothy Hull, Robert Durr, Olena Hodges, Valerie Huntington, Damien Cortez, Morgan Bondelid, Tyler Raymond, Melanie Lowey, Michael Thompson, Jody Harrison, Miles Harrison… There are so many more, too, in the community who have given love and support through these astounding years.

I am grateful to everyone who believed in this mad dream of mine and now, as I step down and head into new horizons, I will carry the love of these seven years with me. Thank you.