It’s time to impeach Donald Trump


Please, please help start impeachment proceedings against fake President Trump. It’s time. He is increasingly and obviously demonstrating his mental instability and unsuitability for holding the office of president of the United States. His actions and Twitter rants make it quite apparent that he is indeed mentally ill. He considers wholly unsubstantiated articles in Breitbart (fake) News to be of more importance and validity than information from all of his national security advisors. What next? Guidance from the National Enquirer? An Ouija board?

He is living in a self-made narcissistic world. But unfortunately his position as commander in chief also now makes him one of the most dangerous persons in the real world. Just one stupid miscalculation by him in an international confrontation could be seriously disastrous for all of us. Think about it. Be responsible and not political. Help remove this sick person from office before something catastrophic happens. Don’t ignore this. This may be the most important political issue you have ever had put before you. Do something now. Your children, your grandchildren and future generations beyond them will be proud of you. Do nothing and you may very well be complicit in jeopardizing the future of everyone. And I mean everyone on this planet.

The impeachment process starts in the House of Representatives. Rick Larsen is our representative (2nd District) in Washington D.C. He can be reached by leaving a message at: (202) 225-2605 (Washington D.C. office) or (425) 252-3188 (Everett office). Or by emailing him at: Tell him what you want him to do. He is elected to carry out your wishes. But you must let him know what those are.

Don’t blow this off. If all you’re hearing is the “news” from Fox News or Breitbart, then please try employing some critical thinking instead. I’m not being sarcastic; I’m imploring you to use reason and your own God-given intelligence to understand what a horror is unfolding before you and help fix it.