Langley City Council needs more diversity


Probably you aren’t a member of the Rod and Gun Club. Not very many Langley residents are. But if Burt Beusch, Ed Nesbeitt, and Thomas Gill win, all six of Langley’s elected officials will be members of that one small social club. They socialize with each other, at the club and elsewhere, so why not run the city government together too? There will only be one woman left.

Why is this a problem? Well, it’s been shown that diverse groups come up with better, more creative solutions than groups whose members are all alike. Apparently the friction of dealing with differences stimulates everyone in the group to think harder and better.

In June the council chose newcomer Burt Beusch for the city council over two long-time residents who had been highly active in both city government and numerous nonprofits for many years. By contrast, Burt’s connection to Langley was so feeble that he continued to vote in Issaquah for most of the short two years he’s lived here. He didn’t vote here until the last election, Nov 2016. But he was a Rod and Gun Club buddy of the council members who voted for him, so that’s what counted most.

They’ve also recruited Ed Nesbeitt, another club member, to run against Dominique Emerson, who is just too independent for them.

We need to avoid the dangers of a “group think” mentality where our elected officials all belong to the same club, socialize together and share the same point of view. Vote for Peter Morton, Christy Korrow, and Dominique Emerson. You will get three highly qualified, independent people who have given selflessly to Langley for years and you will improve the gender balance of city government too.

Vote for diversity in our elected officials.