Langley march only one in world that was larger than town


If you marched in Langley on Saturday, Jan. 21, then you already know what an amazing display of solidarity we presented as a satellite march to the Women’s March in Washington D.C. Coming together in Langley were people of all genders, backgrounds, ages, cultures, political and religious affiliations. Included were a group of young women exchange students from Columbia who marched representing their country. At times, we couldn’t see the end of the marchers but only a sea of pink heads bobbing with signs held high.

We garnered marchers from throughout Island County and off island folks as well. Our march’s size, like so many others around the country and world, was a never-before-witnessed gathering of women, men and their families. While attendance everywhere was unprecedented, we believe Langley was exceptional: to the best of our knowledge, Langley was the only march in the world where the number of marchers exceeded the population of the town they marched through!

We offer particular thanks to Langley Police Chief Marks for his invaluable help in speeding up the process for our marching permit, plus a big shout-out to Rob Durr and Joe Weirzbowski of the Public Works department for their assistance. Thank you Chief Marks, the staff of your department, Rob, and Joe for your kindness, patience and professionalism.


March organizers

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