Langley, think through the consequences of your good intentions


The idea that Langley could become a sanctuary city is interesting. Some questions:

1. Who needs a sanctuary city more than a illegal criminal or someone with a bad criminal record? He is the one who will be deported if he is caught.

2. Have you looked at sanctuary city Seattle? Drive through Seattle and look at vacant land and under overpasses. They look like garbage dumps with scruffy people asking for handouts. Seattle is pouring money into housing for indigents and they want to increase taxes to fund more care for those who cannot afford housing. Their work is being rewarded with even more people who want a city that will take care of them.

3. Think about Langley business and the impact of adding a number (say 200) illegals that come to Langley looking for affordable housing. Some will work, but many come to a safe place where they will not be deported. How will Langley handle panhandling, camping on vacant land or public beaches? Tourists will will not go to a place where they do not feel safe walking the streets. Goodbye downtown merchants who depend on tourism.

4. What is the financial impact on Langley and Island County to provide affordable housing, food medical, and schools for their children?

Please think through the consequences of your good intentions.


Useless Bay