Letter: America should treat immigrants and children humanely


Trump’s immigration policy is treating it as a criminal problem in hopes of deterring people from coming to this country. This is creating more problems than it solves.

Separating minor children from their parents and putting them in “foster care,” and the parents in jail till their court case is bad enough, but ICE “lost” 1,500 children and does not know where they are.

These kids must be found. Who knows what abuse they might encounter. Who is caring for them?

Trump’s reckless language of calling immigrants “animals” and “MS13” gang members, when in fact they are asylum seekers needing refuge, is wrong. Trump’s language is not OK. How inhuman can this administration become? We might be getting a glimpse when recently a woman was shot in the head at the border.

Why? Who knows what else Trump, Sessions and Neilson might be allowing that we are not aware of.

In the last year, there has been a 75 percent increase in separating children from parents. In one case, a 53-week old child was in court without a parent. Wouldn’t that be extremely scary for the child? Is this what Trump’s “white nationalism” looks like?

Will this treatment prevent immigrants from coming here for asylum or a better life, as our ancestors sought? This policy must be changed. We have, in the past, been a more caring, welcoming nation. I hope we can return to that again. In the meantime, I must repeat my mantra: vote. November is near.

This must change. This is not America.

Nancy Mayer


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