Letter: Commentary on MSNBC’s Morning Joe hit nail on head


In response to commentary by Donny Deutsch and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Aug. 3, 2018.

The discussion centered around the contrast between comments yesterday by Trump’s National Security Advisors and Trump’s own comments only a couple of hours later.

Trump’s advisors unanimously and emphatically confirmed the danger and seriousness of Russia’s malign attacks on our democracy. Trump called the allegations of these Russian attacks a “hoax.”

Donny Deutsch expressed his dismay with Trump’s actions. Then, with obvious incredulity, went on to say he was even more dismayed and confused by the crowd of fervent Trump supporters. He asked, “Are we so different?”

Mika, without any equivocation, added, (paraphrase) “I’m not a psychologist, but it is clear Trump is sick.” Mika’s rant was compelling, eloquent, and perfectly expressed my own views.

Like Mika, I’m not a psychologist, but to me, Trump’s psychological dysfunction is severe and nakedly obvious.

I’ve been asking Donny’s question for more than two years. I interact with people in my neighborhood wearing MAGA hats, people that seem very nice and much like me in many ways.

I’ve always felt the only way to resolve conflict is to talk and listen with empathy. Even so, I avoid talking politics with such a person because I can’t imagine how I could find common ground on that topic. How will we ever heal this conflict? Are we so different?

Steve Ford


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