Letter: Constitution guarantees rights to have pro-gun rally


This is in response to an “open question” letter to the editor by David Wright, of Freeland, published Wednesday, April 25 in the South Whidbey Record.

“Why aren’t heavily armed protestors being arrested?”

I’m assuming your reference to “a large number of mostly white men and a few white women to show up on the state Capitol steps, heavily armed” was referring to a recent “March for Our Rights, Pro Gun Rally” held on April 21 on the northern steps of the Legislative Building at the State Capitol in Olympia.

The Washington State Patrol (in charge of security at the Capitol) was advised in advance of the rally. So, no one just showed up.

To break it down; a few of the “just flat wrong” items you seemed to refer to that were part of the rally:

• Opening Prayer, performed by Chief Ben Charles, Lower Elwah Tribe

• National Anthem

• Pledge of Allegiance

• Second Amendment speakers

• Secure Safe Schools speaker

• Peaceful “Open Carry” demonstrations; as allowed by Washington State Law.

• No shots fired! No one was killed and none of the rally attendees were arrested.

This is not just “OK,” it’s one of our “Constitutional rights!”

I didn’t miss your racial innuendos regarding rally attendees either, it just wasn’t pertinent to most of the people there. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are about all of the people.

You know … “We the People.”

David Glein

Oak Harbor

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