Letter: Craig Cyr would fit well on the Langley City Council


I have known Craig Cyr for 25 years as a fellow member of the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Over the past six years I have worked with him extensively in his role on the board of our church and in his capacity as board president for two of those years. The following is one initiative, of many, where Craig was deeply involved.

Our social justice group decided to provide crisis overnight parking to families who were homeless. We sought to establish a safe overnight parking program at our church – a car camp.

At Craig’s direction, we wrote an operational plan to include services and protections for the church, our neighbors and our future guests. After many revisions, under his leadership, the board approved it. We put the plan in operation four years ago as the very first safe parking program in Snohomish County. It has been an unqualified success and serves as the model for other churches and even municipalities that are considering how to serve citizens who are simply in need of a safe place to park so that they can get a peaceful night’s sleep.

The City of Everett recently set up the second safe parking program, modeled after our program, in Snohomish County.

Craig was critical to the success of the program. He is personable, intelligent, thoughtful, creative, thorough, a great motivator and a true collaborator. I highly recommend that you vote for him for Langley’s City Council.

Patricia Garrity


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