Letter: Don’t be fooled into voting for new carbon tax in November


I believe Proposition 1631 is a scam. Here’s why.

A new carbon tax, millions of dollars to be used: I quote from the proposal: “A public board would supervise spending the revenues on reducing pollution, promoting clean energy and addressing climate impacts to the environment and communities.”

Now for the facts: Carbon in the atmosphere is due to just a few sources; power plants, motor vehicles and home heating.

Power plants: Washington state has the cleanest energy in the country, 95 percent of all electricity is from non fossil fuel sources now, and we make our own energy. Oregon is next. Vermont has no fossil fuel plants but produces only 50 percent of their needs. Vermont buys the other 50 percent from coal and oil burners in neighboring states.

The one coal-burning power plant in Centralia, Wash. is already under state contract to convert to natural gas or shut down within a few years. Former Gov. Gregoire negotiated this deal.

Motor vehicles: This is the largest source of atmospheric carbon in our state. We should all drive electric cars using our clean electricity. Washington’s legislature passed a bill to make an electric car purchase sales tax free for the first $33,000. Rep. Norma Smith (R-Clinton) helped get this passed.

Home heating: Wood and oil are the worst contributors. West of the Cascades, electric heat pumps supplemented with radiant electric heat are a viable and economic alternative. A tax incentive for conversions to heat pumps using our clean electricity would be a good idea.

With all these facts known, why do we need a tax to fund politicians and their consultants to spend millions? The answer is we don’t. Proposition 1631 is scam. Vote no on 1631.

Norman Bodine


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