Letter: Hannold needs to stop dividing those he is representing


Rick Hannold. A public servant and commissioner. Went to a planning commission meeting.

“We have to put a label on everything on everybody to make it special,” he said, then added, “I know, because the libs love labels.”

Isn’t that special?

I personally don’t like that attitude. Especially when it comes from a public servant who is charged with governing all citizens in their realm. He seems to have a problem with the “libs.” If he can refer to our neighbors as such vocally, I wonder what he’s really thinking?

As of right now, per the site results.vote.wa.gov, it looks like the “libs” just fired him from his job voting 51.75 percent to 48.24 percent in Tuesday’s primary.

Now isn’t that special?

We have enough problems going on right now that we don’t need someone in office appointed to serve our better interest where that person has a problem with half or most of his constituents.

If in the end it looks like he lost his reelection bid; let that be a lesson to public servants everywhere. “Whether you like us or not; serve our interest. And stop dividing us.”

And if you can’t, I imagine you’ll get voted out of office.

Wayne Cesaro


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