Letter: Hosting movie and a discussion on the NAS Growler expansion


In addition to the state and local races heating up before the November election, the federal government is making its way to a verdict on the Growler expansion at NAS Whidbey. The final Environmental Impact Statement is set to be released in September, and the Secretary of the Navy is expected to issue a final decision about a month later. Now is our opportunity to contact elected officials to ensure that the decision seriously considers all of the potential impacts of increased flights.

This is a complex issue that requires us to consider a number of important issues, including national security, the Whidbey Island economy, human health and the environment. Even if we believe that one of these issues should take precedence over all others, it is important to acknowledge that there are costs to any approach that impact lives and livelihoods in our community.

We on the South End are insulated from the noise impacts of a Growler expansion, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be affected. There are many reasons to stay informed and engaged in the conversation. To that end, the Next Generation Coalition is hosting a screening of “Plane Truths,” by local filmmakers Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young, on Thursday, Aug. 23 at Bayview Hall. The movie, which documents the regional effects of Growler flights, will start at 7 p.m. We will also be joined by Coupeville residents who will speak about impacts to their business and efforts to ensure an informed dialogue about the issues. We hope you can attend.

Arwen Norman

Next Generation Coalition


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