Letter: How about calling older people ‘The Sentinals’


We are to refer to our younger generation as, “The Millennials,” as it is politically correct to do. Then I, of the older generation, prefer to be referred to by another term to describe my generation: The Sentinels.

I like the sound of “The Sentinels.” It implies we are the vanguard for the human race, and maybe we are.

These new, politically correct terms which describe a class of people must have their beginning somewhere, so why not with me right here and right now and in this submission to your Opinion page?

Usually the new terms are invented by the press, so here we are, ready for change, yes?

The Random House dictionary defines a sentinel as, “a person or thing which stands watch.” How appropriate a description for us, the elderly; yet we do not have the means to change anything we may disagree with.

The truth is, we stand by and watch. How true. We can do this.

So, how does one become a Sentinel? You get old.

How simple, for me, becoming old just happened one day; on a non-distinguishable day, a day which just happened after a long string of other days which just happened. I prefer to have a card in my wallet which shows I am a bonafide Sentinel.

I would use it with pride whenever asked to prove I am a member of my older group.

It sure beats showing my AARP membership card, whose acronym mimics the sound of a sick person, which may be closer to the truth.

Jim Barden


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