Letter: Intelligence report shows all 50 states were hacked


The House Intelligence Committee released a report stating that the election systems of all 50 states were hacked in the last presidential election.

The Mueller report and testimony called for immediate emergency aggressive deterrence measures in response to the findings that the Russians, United Arab Emirates, and the Saudis are actively continuing to undermine our democratic elections.

FBI Director Christopher Wray states that Russia and other foreign adversaries are finding ever new ways to exploit U.S. election vulnerabilities.

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a bipartisan report that said crucial election vulnerabilities remain in regard to the 2018 elections, and that we must take urgent steps to replace outdated and vulnerable voting systems, specifically those with outdated software and the thousands of local election jurisdictions using machines that don’t leave a paper trail to audit votes.

We must act on this extremely serious threat to our democracy now — primary voting begins in six months.

So, why won’t Mitch McConnell allow election security bills to even come up for a vote in the Senate?

The legislation McConnell objects to would require the use of paper ballots that leave a retrievable paper trail; he is also blocking legislation that would require campaigns and candidates to report offers of election-related aid from foreign governments.

We can’t allow McConnell to block a vote on protecting American democracy from Russia’s ongoing attacks, when Trump’s own FBI, CIA, DNI, DHS chiefs, and even his GOP Intel chairman, said that Putin is trying to subvert our democracy.

Please contact your senators today, and protest this sabotage of our democracy.

Julie Glover


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