Letter: Langley water system ideas will improve health


There are many technical and economic aspects of the proposed Langley Water Management System Improvement Bond that are being discussed and debated.

As a Langley resident, I want to share my perspective on one aspect that is of importance to me and possibly to others.

My family and I are active recreational users of the Salish Sea. We love to shrimp, fish, crab, swim and cruise on its beautiful blue waters. I consider it to be our most precious local natural resource.

I and others became more concerned about its long-term health and the polluting inflows that seem to be diminishing the past abundance of sea life, including the salmon and whale populations. I am concerned with the possibility that if things do not change, our newly arrived grandson will not be able to experience the same wonders that we enjoy today.

I think that many who read this share the same concerns. We read about these and other issues confronting our environment daily and wonder what we can do about it. They seem too big and complicated for any one person to have a positive impact upon. We ask, “Where can I, an individual, take direct action to reverse the damage that is being done?”

The Langley Water Management System Improvement projects, in my view, offer such a chance for direct action. By helping to eliminate the flow of septic waste into our ground, it in turn eliminates the chance that it will end up in the Sound. Every small step we take together can help to improve the long-term health of the Sound.

As a resident, water recreationalist, as a grandfather, I will be voting “Yes” on the Langley Infrastructure Improvement Bond.

Tim Callison

Mayor of Langley

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