Letter: ‘Liberal’ is not a dirty word, despite what Commissioner Hannold said


It is ironic and disturbing that Commissioner Hannold, in his quest to denigrate “labels” in a discussion of housing policy, then attaches a label to his opponents. I can just hear the sneer in his voice as he says, “I know, because the libs love labels.”

If calling his opponents “libs” isn’t labeling, I don’t know what is.

Further, liberal is not a dirty word. I proudly state I am one. If he wants to insult me, call me something other than a “lib” as I consider that to be a compliment.

Several other things stand out in his statement and attitude. He is not looking to advance solutions, but only to negatively attack the ideas others have. I didn’t see a single positive idea put forth by him in his comments.

Second, most of the housing “labels” he so derisively attacks, are likely required by the various funding sources, be they county, state, or federal.

Getting that funding is critical to the success of any program to alleviate housing problems for the most vulnerable, many of whom are, no doubt, his constituents.

Finally, if he is “… so sick of talking about this …” maybe he is in the wrong job. Being a public servant can be tiring and tedious, as difficult and sometimes seemingly intractable problems present themselves to elected to office to find solutions.

Perhaps it is time to get out if he is sick of dealing with the issues he was elected to resolve.

Cheri Filion


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