Letter: Mueller report must come out, stop protecting Trump


It’s time to stop the secrecy, hiding and cover-up of the Mueller report.

It must come out.

Why are we protecting Trump? We know he has been dishonest his whole life and has no respect for the law. It is serious what he is doing to our democracy. He will go down as the most corrupt and worst president in our history.

I do not accept the Justice Department “policy,” not law, that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

If he is a criminal, and he is, he should be indicted and/or impeached.

We need to stop protecting him.

Why are the Republicans doing this? Are they as bad and dishonest as he? Seems so. Get on with it, release the report. We have waited long enough, and then get on with what must be done next. Everything Trump does, everyone he appoints is questionable or inadequate.

Even then he doesn’t keep them long.

What happened to the “best people” he was going to appoint?

He puts incompetents in because he thinks it will make him look good. But it backfires and makes him look pathetic. So he gets rid of them. Take Janet Yellen for instance, who served on the Federal Reserve; she was not renominated, even though Trump wanted to, because she was “too short,” he said.

Aren’t we tired of all this? Haven’t we had enough? Trump is making a joke of our democracy, our government and our security.

Let us not dismiss his antics any longer. Release the report.

Nancy Mayer


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